Friday, September 5, 2008

Cloudia the rainkeeper

Have a go at playing our latest game - Cloudia, the rainkeeper. As a player you are a cloud of water named Cloudia, and you will follow the journey of a cloud, experiencing the highs and lows in the global water ecosystem. The game will appear as a top down 3D-view. Mountains and acid rain will be threats and the distance you need to travel will influence the amount of water Cloudia can provide for the areas in need of water.
- Move Cloudia with your mouse
- Fill Cloudia with water by hovering above the ocean (press spacebar)
- Make it rain by emptying Cloudia above areas in need of water (press spacebar)

Download the demo to play for pc (exe-file) >> for mac (zip) >>

See the complete text in dutch here >>

1 comment:

Ellis said...

This game was the winner that day, this team managed to create a working demo in one day!